Walking with the Spirit of Burrigan

NaturalBridge-Springbrook-Burrigan - Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge  Burrigan’s Cave and the Rainbow Serpent Creation Lore


The whole of the Wollumbin Caldera rim has many significant Feathered Serpent Starlore, Marriage Lore, Creation Lore and Increase and Initiation Ritual sites, which the ancestral people, the Yoocum Yoocum,  call ‘Djurebil’ – sacred sites of lore.

The sites associated with Warrazum , the Rainbow Serpent are most sacred…but they don’t just stop at Wollumbin……..like the waters,  they travel,  through the landscape, following the stars, above….. thus Spirit, Lore, Land and Language are linked “……

The Yoocum Yoocum call their sacred lore ‘Bootheram’ or ‘Boojeram’….Boodjera means Love ……and Creation is always about Love stories” …….

Burrigans Cave  – Natural Bridge –  is a sacred creation site for the Yoocum Yoocum, which is part of a  ‘complex’ of connected Djurebil,   located high on the Mesa’s of the Wollumbin Caldera Rim.

Burrigan is a Yoocum Yoocum Culture Hero – an important Star Ancestor…and he comes down from the stars to teach lore…



Natural Bridge in the Springbrook National Park …..it is the home of the Kalibal or Gullival tribe  of the Yoocum Yoocum moiety…and it is an Eel djurebil increase site….

Grandmother Rainbow Serpent, Warrzum, and the Seven Sisters, Wiangarie , created the primordial waters…. Way back in  the Alcheringa, which means ‘the beginning’ , when there was no plants or animals…the earth was very new….

Grand Mother Warrzum and the Seven Wiangaree came in to this ancient country through the waters – bringing the fresh ‘water of life’….

Grand Mother Warrzum and the Seven Wiangaree, , traveled into the primordial landscape…….Warrzum carved the underground caverns… creating underground rivers under the volcanoes….cooling the ancient landscape, all the way across the continent…..and Wiangaree , the Seven Sisters, used their magic digging sticks to release the springs of fresh water throughout the prehistoric landscape.

This Women’s Water Lore teaches us how through the waters how all life is created and connected …..

Burrigan is the Yoocum Yoocum sky ancestor akin to  Jesus….. a Burram Yanbuhyn-  a teacher of the lore  – instructing how to be a good moral being and live in unity with all creation ….


Burrigan - jesus - labelled


Burrigan is the name the Yoocum Yoocum call Springbrook Mountain ….look at that mountain , perfectly balanced…mirrored …abundant with creeks, waterfalls, and caves….It is a very  sacred place of the Sky Ancestors…and the Ancient Ones


Springbrook - glow worms - natual bridge ...Burrigan - labelled


At night Burrigan sings to the spirit of his Sky Ancestors who sent him down to earth…, and they light his cave…..just as the Stars Ancestors light the heavens every evening….


Springbrook - natural bridge ...Burrigan

If you would like to take a walk with the Spirit of Burrigan –  Connect with the Rainbow Serpent Women’s Water Lore – Experience the beauty of the Glow Worm ‘Stars’ in Burrigan’s Cave –  Breathe the tranquility of the Rainforest , or indulge in a Luxury Limousine Hinterland Tour, the joy of sharing Star-lore and the connection of the Spirits of Creation in the waters of Wollumbin Caldera is an experience you will cherish forever.

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Singing with Whales in Wollumbin Waters

Yar Birrain n Whale Tail - 30 July 2018Without a doubt, one of the most amazing marine wildlife adventures you’ll ever partake in is a chance to witness the majesty of the Pacific Humpback Whales up close in their natural environment.

Year, after year, these magical mammals grace the pristine waters of Byron Bay [from Cape Byron to the Gold Coast] as they traverse their annual Winter migration from Antarctica to the breeding and birthing grounds of Hervey Bay and back – occurring late May to early November ever since the Dreamtime.

While it is a wonderful experience watching these majestic creatures from a vantage point onshore , it is nothing compared to being out in the water…sharing in their songs of joy for life….and one of the the most beautiful places on earth to immerse yourself into this amazing experience is off the Wollumbin Caldera – the Tweed Byron and southern Gold Coast….

whale migratiion may to november east coast oz

The East coast South Pacific Migration route is often referred to as the ‘Humpback Highway’, and includes the famous east coast surf beaches along the coastline of the magical Wollumbin Caldera – the landscape which is the most eastern point of the Australian Continent….

The Tweed Byron Coast or Wollumbin Caldera at the very top of New South Wales  is a sacred destinations to beings of all nations, and ‘skins’,  including the Whales….This prominent natural geological feature features prominently in the Origine’ Lore of the great Southern Pacific Island ….it is the first place that Mother Sun and Father Moon ‘touch’ the Land,  and It is from Wollumbin Caldera that the ancient Rainbow Serpent Songline, of the Women’s Water Lore, commences…Whale n Yar Birain

The helical rise of the Pleiades above Australia, and the flowering of the Sacred Tea Tree every year, are just two of the ancient Lore ‘triggers’ which herald the pilgrimage of the Whales to their ancestral breeding and birthing waters… As they take their place in preforming the song of creation – BIRTH LIFE DEATH & REBIRTHthe Women’s Water Lore – the refreshing of the Dreaming…..

Whale take part in this symphony, singing a different song for each month of the year…knowing when the new month begins by sensing when the moon energy influences the waters and aligns with the central Pleiades……Whale then acknowledges these changes in ritual song.

Throughout time this powerful spirit animal has been renowned for its soul songs – creating deeply moving melodies that heal and enrich the soul …. Any wonder these graceful giants of the ocean inspire awe around the world…..And rightfully so….. The sight of a whale breaching the water or frolicking in the foam moves the most stoic of person to wonderment and some to cleansing tears….

The ocean is a sentient body of energy, undulating with feeling and emotion, memory and super consciousness …..all intentions and energies are captured in the molecules of water, creating patterns… Science shows us that patterns of love create beautiful crystal designs …and also reveals that lesser intentions harm and pollute….

Lightworkers acknowledge that Whales Spirit records the earth’s history from all corners of creation…this creation fact is well known and celebrated in the ancestral Origine’ Lore…. Whale is a central facet of the traditional Women’s Water Lore Traditional Ceremonies, Rituals, and Customs to nurture, heal and restore the Earth…

Whale possesses deep connection and knowledge of the mysteries of deep waters……deep mysteries, wisdom and knowledge hidden from view or access of our conscious mammal minds…mysteries which lie waiting to be re-birthed in our subconscious, where our ultimate power resides…. ancient women’s mysteries that need to be brought forth into planetary consciousness once more…


Those who are being called by the Whales are being called to find ways to clean our waters and protect the precious lives of all who live on our water planet…

For spiritual seekers all over our planet, making a personal pilgrimage to Sing with the Whales in Wollumbin Waters allows Whale to aid in unlocking the personal mysteries that lie therein every spirit being …

This ocean of emotion is the home of the whale…This is the realm which gives Whale supra conscious powers…. we all live in this ocean of feeling and whale is asking you to slip down into your soul being and feel ….really feel…..


Just like whale, you too have a soul song…it is the energy signature that always emanates from you …Your soul song travels through the ether of the cosmos, effecting everything….whale pleiades migration

 Journeying to Wollumbin Caldera to meet, greet, connect and metaphorically travel with whale deep into the waters of consciousness we open another world in our awareness…we connect to GALACTIC centre……the Pleiades, the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy.

best yar birrain & dorsal fin

Psychic attentiveness bursts forth when Whale surfaces again and we take the first breath together….. in Wollumbin Waters …..Dosal Fin of Whale rises like the mountain itself , Angelic presences, playful Devas and doorways to other spheres become more evident …we are rebirthed and refreshed and so too is the Dreaming …….

Can you feel the desire for global peace and compassion for all living beings emanating from Whale – do you desire to connect and radiate the same Harmonic Love Dreaming?

Wollumbin Tours designs and delivers personal Whale Watch experiences, by appointment…for intimate groups of two to ten….

These photographs were from our recent tour – on the 30th of July 2018 – this is how close whale come into the vessel to connect and share in song ….its totally magical

Make it your intention to Sing with the Whales in Wollumbin Calderas Waters, and radiate a beautiful soul song for all to hear, one that raises the consciousness of the whole planet and all her precious beings…

double tail 3

Whether by Air or Sea…or perhaps a Luxury Limousine Headland Tour, the joy of Whales, the sharing of Star-lore and the connection of the Spirits of Creation in the waters of Wollumbin Caldera is an experience you will cherish forever.

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